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Hiring A Car In Bulgaria

Getting around the Bulgarian countryside could be very pleasant experience. But all you may ever need is some spare time, devotion and … 643, that will take you anywhere. Bulgaria is a small country and the only way you might get lost is by the hidden charm of its small towns and decent people. Hiring a car is not a big deal anymore, as long as you rely on the best companies around the country.
Bulgaria is really “easy to find” and discover again, in case if you have heard some of its natural beauties, like the Rhodopa mountains and Black Sea coast resorts for example. Once you lay your feet on Bulgarian soil, you will be amazed by the simplicity and back-to-nature way of life, the local people follow. The country could be crossed side to side in few hours, but the great adventure is to get closer to the various natural, cultural and historical artifacts, which are something must-see for any self-proclaimed traveler and adventurer. They could be revealed, if you opt for a hired vehicle – a good way to ignore stress and hiatus at the bus stations


Hiring a vehicle could save you many hours, which could be otherwise spent at the commuting terminals. Some of the most beautiful towns and places, which are part of the Bulgarian traditions, are unreachable by the public transportation options. All you can do is to get closer to the Bulgarian soul, by hitting the Balkan dusty roads to another satori, which has some of the bitter-sweet taste, carried by the most prominent local wines and beverages.
Bulgaria is not that big country and you will not “get lost” in some distant places, as you may expect from other regions. The natural and lonesome beauty is the native soul of this Balkan country. You can “touch” some of its serenity, by traveling from one place to another. Getting from one city to another is not a problem anymore, especially in case of traveling by hired cars.


Hiring cars in Bulgaria could be even a blast, in case if you are at least “young at heart”. Bulgarian people are hospitable and know how to celebrate, even something very usual and simple, as meeting a stranger in their hometown. A stranger who will fall for traditions and natural sights of the Bulgarian lifestyle. Such things are something reachable, as long as you got your valid driving license. It could be a ticket to heaven, called Bulgaria.


Bulgaria car hire tips

Quite often nowadays people all over the world use the car rental. In Bulgaria is also known for this type of service. Customers get know very well with Bulgaria car hire are used to make reservation at least two months before arrive. On location in the country there are several companies with large fleet of cars for rent. Any kind of model can be provided by an employee of a company chosen by the tenant. Downgrading autos are most recommended due to its low cost tariff. Prices for the two-door vehicle ranges from 20 and 40 euro, depending on the time at which it will be rented car. The long term rental also depends on the price. Higher class car can be found in several prestigious firms. SUV or sedans offer comfort and luxury on request. SUVs are not the preferred vehicles. Mass foreigners take advantage of this service. Convenience to have a car in another country than your country makes you independent. In the capital Sofia is very difficult to find the posh brands like – Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Bentley, Rolls Roissy and several Maybach. Whether used for business meetings or just a trip is an unforgettable feeling of class on the road. Bourgas Airport has the largest selection of models for hire. Tour operators offer their guests a wide range of cars- Opel, Ford Renault and Honda, set as regular car, mini van and quite normal economic class. For the summer season are chosen more often family-friendly vehicles for the simple reason that they have a larger capacity and volume of the trunk. All the cars are offered at market for rent and trucks as well. Available for tips in the net web sides make booking online or offers by the phone are numerous and staff who are available 24 hours a day is in charge to answer to all requests. The perspective of each of the owners of car hire companies is the priority to get a deposit covering the individual problems during car rental in Bulgaria. It varies depending on the low to high end. The amount to be paid is between 100 to 400 lev. The politics about the fuel consumption is different in different companies. Most human solution is the car is taken with a full tank and return full. If the car is supplied with a full tank and must be returned with an empty makes the price of the vehicle is higher. Very important is the nature of the car with liability and comprehensive insurance. Supply is the convenience of delivery from the landing of the airplane. From any airport in the country may be paid the tariff for hiring by credit card.