Cheap car rental in Bulgaria

Drivers are entitled to drive the vehicle prior approval and authorization of the representative Bulgaria car rentals. Only approved and authorized persons are allowed to drive cars with
The minimum rental time is 24 hours
Hiring for traveling abroad are agreed in advance, preparing the necessary documents.
Upon receiving and transmitting light car is done in the presence of the tenant and the contract signed. When shortages and damages their value from the tenant, except where covered by car insurance. As a guarantee for the protection of car deposit required.

TS Travel is a company that has a large fleet of rental cars. For the convenience of our customers is a priority, so we try to provide them roadworthy vehicles equipped with all extras and documents for comfortable and safe journey.
Car rental in Bulgaria have paid on all automobiles insurance and tolls. They crossed the statutory road worthiness tests and are equipped with appropriate tires for the season. Met all of the requirements for accident-free driving.

We provide a wide range such as a driver, delivery and collection of our cars anywhere in the country, as well as meeting and transporting people with our cars and drivers. We know that in every life emergencies happen, so we provide 24-hour contact to competent officials car hire in Bulgaria, who are ready to help in emergencies and problems.
We provide competitive prices for cars, however, are always open to dialogue and negotiate different options for car rental services. If you need a driver, we have available a team of drivers that are experienced and qualified, drive carefully, avoiding any risk of accidents.
In case you want to travel with rented car Car hire Bulgaria abroad as possible after the completion of all required documents. If you are going on vacation, take advantage of our optional extras and equipment for cars.
Bulgaria car rental offers online booking for the convenience of customers. Hiring a car is after a visit to the customer and contract signing. Give yourself a comfortable ride with cars for hire in Bulgaria! With our cars have no other care than to drive flawless and comply with the rules of the road. Everything else is a concern to hire reliable car in Bulgaria. Have a nice trip!


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