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Primorsko – fairytale of Bulgarian south coast

Primorsko is one of the most beautiful resort towns of Bulgaria, which is loved by many tourists arriving on vacation in sunny Bulgaria worldwide.
If you decide to spend your holiday in this wonderful and enchanting city during the summer, then most convenient way to get in touch with Bulgarian nature is to use car hire. Every year the city is trying to attract more and more tourists, offering interesting festivals and events, and bargains with flexible prices. If you are on vacation in this wonderful city for a long time, Primorsko car rental you will provides you easy access to landmarks situated around.  Here you will find friendly nightclubs, discotheques, numerous restaurants, all sorts of attractions, opportunities for practicing different sports agencies for rental cars, fine restaurants with national and international cuisine; luxury hotels, working on the system all-inclusive and offers its customers the entire spectrum of services, including spa services.primorsko-car-hire
Although Primorsko has fabulous beaches, sometimes you will want to diversify their summer vacation and spend an unforgettable day in some of the nearby villages of the town or visit the historic town of Sozopol, which is the successor of the ancient city of Apollonia, as well Ahtopol Tzarevo, Lozenets or Kiten.
With car hire in Primorsko you can see exotic places in Bulgaria, just a few minutes you can move it to Arcoutino or Ropotamo Reserve can leave your car to get into a wooden boat and make an unforgettable walk along the river, enjoying nature and the wonderful stories of the guide for these fabulous places. Ropotamo is about 49 km long. Formed from the merger of Rosenska and Tserovska River. Historians believe that the name of the river derives from the Greek and it contains within it the name of the Greek goddess Ro and the word “Potamia” simply means “river” in translation from the Greek. Ropotamo is known that the only reserve in Bulgaria for water lilies. The area around the river has been declared a nature reserve, is home to protected species of animals and birds, there occurs a very rare white-tailed eagle.
Those who love the history and monuments of architecture can see interesting archeological sites; can visit the most famous sanctuary in Bulgaria – Begliktash.
Not far from the sanctuary in Begliktash tourists can admire the ruins of the ancient fortress Ranuli – here today is a town of Primorsko. Fortress Ranuli was large Thracian city that was located in an area of 300 acres.
Primorsko really deserves to be visited and the use of car hire in this city will provide convenient and seamless travel both in the city and to nearby attractions – that way you will not waste their time unwinding with public transport and you fully you rest and relax.