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Hiring A Car In Bulgaria

Getting around the Bulgarian countryside could be very pleasant experience. But all you may ever need is some spare time, devotion and … 643, that will take you anywhere. Bulgaria is a small country and the only way you might get lost is by the hidden charm of its small towns and decent people. Hiring a car is not a big deal anymore, as long as you rely on the best companies around the country.
Bulgaria is really “easy to find” and discover again, in case if you have heard some of its natural beauties, like the Rhodopa mountains and Black Sea coast resorts for example. Once you lay your feet on Bulgarian soil, you will be amazed by the simplicity and back-to-nature way of life, the local people follow. The country could be crossed side to side in few hours, but the great adventure is to get closer to the various natural, cultural and historical artifacts, which are something must-see for any self-proclaimed traveler and adventurer. They could be revealed, if you opt for a hired vehicle – a good way to ignore stress and hiatus at the bus stations


Hiring a vehicle could save you many hours, which could be otherwise spent at the commuting terminals. Some of the most beautiful towns and places, which are part of the Bulgarian traditions, are unreachable by the public transportation options. All you can do is to get closer to the Bulgarian soul, by hitting the Balkan dusty roads to another satori, which has some of the bitter-sweet taste, carried by the most prominent local wines and beverages.
Bulgaria is not that big country and you will not “get lost” in some distant places, as you may expect from other regions. The natural and lonesome beauty is the native soul of this Balkan country. You can “touch” some of its serenity, by traveling from one place to another. Getting from one city to another is not a problem anymore, especially in case of traveling by hired cars.


Hiring cars in Bulgaria could be even a blast, in case if you are at least “young at heart”. Bulgarian people are hospitable and know how to celebrate, even something very usual and simple, as meeting a stranger in their hometown. A stranger who will fall for traditions and natural sights of the Bulgarian lifestyle. Such things are something reachable, as long as you got your valid driving license. It could be a ticket to heaven, called Bulgaria.


Where to go in Sunny Beach

Capacity of Sunny Beach is more than 300 000 people. Many hotels have switched to the system All Inclusive. Yet if you decide not to simply sunbathe on the beach or by the pool and eat standard food we can offer you several restaurants with excellent cuisine and high level of service. Restaurants in Sunny Beach as hotels offer various options for kitchens of any size purse from burgers to lobster.car rental sunny beach
We begin by describing an economical vacation. Everywhere on the streets of the resort you can see sellers of pancakes, pizza, boiled corn and various pastries. Be sure to try the Bulgarian pancakes with chocolate and bananas or some jam. Well, if you’re going to absolutely save on food in large supermarkets or fast-food you can buy a portion of the food. In some of its are open offices for car hire in Sunny Beach.
Of course you can not do without McDonalds.There are several of them in different parts of the resort. Local cafe where you can eat tasty burgers “Mr. Ogromoburger ” is behind a small market opposite to hotel Kuban. There is also the cult restaurant “Djanny “, which offers Bulgarian and Turkish cuisine at tolerable prices. On the other side of the market on the main road of Sunny Beach is another iconic restaurant “Condor”, where you can eat cheaply under the shade of trees.
Can not fail to mention the restaurant ” Khan’s tent.” It is located in the hills above Sunny Beach and has a unique view of the whole bay and the peninsula of Nessebar. It can be reached easy by taking car rental during your stay in Sunny Beach. There can only be reached by prior reservation. Tickets can be purchased at the representatives or tourist offices selling tours on the streets of Sunny Beach. Menu for all is the same, but you can see an interesting show program. The restaurant itself is built in the shape of the tent and is located on the very spot where by the historical information the tent of Bulgarian Khan Krum The Conqueror was built during the capture of the town of Nessebar in 812.
If you like spicy food more than recommend to visit one of the Indian restaurants. There are also several Chinese restaurants. Sushi is offered in almost all fish restaurants. Many restaurants offer Russian cuisine. After all, Russian tourists are the most numerous in Sunny Beach. Before every restaurant barkers will try to lure you into their restaurant with jokes, flattery and just pleasant words.
A gourmet menu offer fish restaurants in Nessebar. City Museum is just a few kilometers from Sunny Beach. The signs on the roads are international, so hiring a car in Sunny Beach will be safety way to get there. In the Old Nessebar, which is located on a small peninsula, recommend to visit a fish restaurant Gloria Mar. There waiting for you the highest level of service, fresh fish, lobster, octopus cooked in the best tradition of Mediterranean, French and Italian cuisine. Also in the restaurant has a wide selection of wines. All this on the coast overlooking the marina. Except Nessebar there are restaurants Gloria Mar in Sveti Vlas, Sozopol, Pamporovo and Sofia. Using car hire in Bulgaria is better way to visit most attractive restaurants in this lovely country.

Sunny Beach – a great spot for holiday and car hire

Sunny Beach is the largest remedy in Bulgaria forming as resort with longest on the sought coast. It offers more than 800 hotels, the same number of  restaurants, bars, casinos and nightclubs. There are numerous travel agencies offering car hire in Sunny Beach.
Nobody gets bored at Sunny Beach. There are enough activities for every taste and every age.
A bit of history. At the entrance to Sunny Beach is new roundabout and stadium, where summer concerts are held by various artists. For example, Sting performed here with his son, Armin Van Buuren and another well-known personalities. In the cente of Sunny Beach in was ruin the summer theater held famous music festival “Golden Orpheus”. Now in its place is taken by the Barcelo Royal Beach Hotel 4*. On the both sides of the resort are set huge park area with thousands of car rental vehicles available 24/7.

Car hire Sunny Beach

Car rental Sunny Beach

The Sunny Beach fans have a great time in nightclubs associated with Cocoa Beach. It disposes discos with different musical in the resort. Cocoa Beach Club was founded in 2003 and is synonymous with entertainment. It is thanks to the glory of the nightclub which during the daytime turns into a cozy cafe, the whole area around bears its name. Here began career of many famous Bulgarian DJs. Bedroom Beach Club also works around the clock. It is a true paradise for lovers of marine suites. With the sounds of contemporary music in the afternoon everyone can enjoy exotic cocktails and sushi, and every night can visit different themed parties. Disco bar Brilyantin in 2010 won the best disco in Bulgaria. In the music program dominated disco hits. It hosts weekly themed parties and are the famous pop artists and DJs. And on the beach front of the bar has a lovely garden with palm trees and sun loungers. This summer, the party will hold Marco Carola, Victor Calderone, Mark Knigt, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Fede le Grand, who will participate in the festival Solar Summer, every summer held  in Cocoa Beach.
Another part of the complex is car parking in the centre of the resort. Here are parked new cars for hire with high-tech technologies- hybrids. Here people enjoy the most fashionable hits of world auto achievements.
In the central part of Sunny Beach, opposite the main pedestrian street is the disco Mania. It is in a closed 3 -storey building. On each floor there are different styles of music.
Disco Club Iceberg – small, intimate club in the center of Sunny Beach. There often are foreign DJs and offers delicious cocktails.
Disco Lazur is located on the beach in the southern part of the resort. It has several halls and the open part with pool. Before the opening of Cocoa Beach, it was the most popular disco in Sunny Beach.
Disco Orange situated near the Hotel Strandja in the Northern part of the resort. It consists of several rooms. Musical program includes retro, Latin, R & B, soul, house, hits of the 80s and 90s.
The summer time entertainment comprises of trips to the famous place or affordable car hire deals. The best way to know one country is self-driving car rental using local maps or navigation. On the territory of the Sunny Beach are offered are more than 2500 cars for hire.

Disco Grand De Luxe is located in a complex Multiplace consisting of several nightclubs like Cocoa Beach. Dancing girls in a jeep, flying around the resort, are advertising it.
In the heart of the pedestrian walkway is located disco Den Glade Viking. Day throughout the resort swagger young boys and girls in T-shirts with the logo. They sell tickets for the so-called Bar Crowl. This is evening excursion to discos in Sunny Beach.
Of course, there are many other discos and bars where you can have a fun  time. Corner Bar, Disco Revolution, disco Amora and many others. Small clubs have free entrance, in others it is paid – 5-10 leva. The choice is yours.

Mini guide of Bourgas

Car hire Bulgaria

Car hire Bourgas Airport

If you are tired of shopping and walking on the Seaside Park and you are hungry or just want to sit and relax over a cup of coffee in this article we will tell you about the best cafes and restaurants at Burgas. One of the ways to find out all sightseeing’s is to hire a car from Bourgas Airport.
Wine restaurant  Ocean is located in the center of Burgas on street near the monument Kilometer Zero. It has a large hall with wines for every taste. Here is preparing delicious pork shank in Burgas.
Restaurants chain Rubayat scattered across Burgas. Also has restaurants in Plovdiv and Sofia. Business Card of Rubayat restaurants is live music and a unique atmosphere created by Bulgarian designer Alexander Karadzhov, combined with fine cuisine and quality wines. Rubayat owned by wine holding ” Veliki Preslav “, including wineries Vinex Preslav, Khan Krum, Terra Antica, Chateau Rosenovo and Chateau Rubayat. It is a great place to taste wines produced by these wineries in an intimate setting. Rubayat di Mare is located in the seaside park in the building of the hotel Park and is ideal for weddings. Rubayat Music is on the square Troika in Tria City center. In close proximity can find central office for car hire in Bulgaria. There are frequent guests of the famous Bulgarian pop singers. Rubayat Casa Wine is located near the building of the Burgas Opera and Ballet. Also part of the restaurant chain is the ethnographic complex “Chateau Medovo”  in the village Medovo, 12 km from Sunny Beach. It hosts wine tastings. The complex also has a street with crafts shops similar to museum Etara in Gabrovo and a few peacocks.
Restaurant  “Zlatna Kotva ” – the oldest restaurant in Burgas, opened in the distant 1927. It is located on the edge of the pedestrian street Bogoridi in the place where it meets the Seaside Park. Here you can taste traditional Bulgarian cuisine as well as fresh fish and seafood. The restaurant also offers themed evenings with live music, a children’s play area and free Wi-Fi.
Restaurant  “Incanto” is located on square Baba Hanka not far from the courthouse and offers Italian, French, Japanese and Greek cuisine in an elegant setting.
Roze – one of the finest restaurants in Burgas. It is located on a pedestrian street Bogoridi  in the heart of city. If you rent a car in the morning will have enough time to visit all the restaurants in the central area. This place is suitable for the most capricious palates. Here you can taste wines from small boutique wine huts, whose main priority is the quality of the wines.
Fish restaurant Ethno located in the heart of Burgas, in front of City Hall. Ethno restaurant serves Greek, Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. Interior is in retro romantic style and creates a cozy atmosphere. There is a lunch menu. French Ambassador had dinner here during his visit to Burgas.
Happy – the largest restaurants chain in Bulgaria. At the entrance are offer car rental discount for all public shops. Except Bulgaria it has few restaurants in Barcelona, Spain. Happy represented by several institutions in Burgas. Happy Lazur located in the same quarter near Seaside Park. Happy The center is located in the buildingof hotel Bulgaria in the heart of Bourgas.
We hope that we have simplified where to eat in Burgas ! Bon appeti and have a nice trips with Bulgaria car hire!