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Convenient way to find car hire in Sunny Beach

At the beginning new hotels in the Bulgarian National Revival monasteries style scattered among pine trees with a large contiguous territory.  At the end of the century was founded car hire company in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria which provided official car rental in the resort since 1998. The resort is characterized by the construction of convenient and comfortable hotels.  It is distinguished by the fact that all the hotels were built in peculiar quarters with themed names instead of streets. For example, there are hotels named Arda, Maritsa Tundjia, Iskar, names of Bulgarian rivers in the river quarter. Likewise, there were mountainous, planetary, avian, and marine quarters, etc. Hotels built in the first and second phases can be easily recognized by their names, as they are very different from today. Over the past 20 years after the accession of Bulgaria to the path of democracy and privatization was carried out in the resort and is still under active construction, due to which the territory between the early hotels built up and increases the number of lines from the sea. Besides hotels built apartment complexes where foreigners buy apartments by the sea. This in turn led to year-round working stores – supermarkets, furniture, bed linen, car rental offices, clothing, etc. Sunny Beach gradually transformed from a seasonal resort in the city by the sea. Huge number of hotels – more than 800, many restaurants, bars, discos, travel agents, casinos makes it a kind of Bulgarian Las Vegas.
The most expensive and prestigious hotels are situated in the northern part of Sunny Beach. In addition to local Bulgarian hotels here have world famous hotel chains such as RIU, Iberostar, Barcelo, DIT and others.  Here dominate 3 and 4 star hotels. The brightest representatives of this course are hotels Royal Palace Helena Sands  and Helena Park – with picture gallery in the corridors, on the first line of the sea with luxury villas and hotels like Planeta  with incredible sky -bar where you can see the entire bay. Majestic Hotel and  Barcelo Royal Beach  have large areas with the pool complexes, excellent food in the first and the second built on the site where previously was a summer theater, where a festival “Golden Orpheus” took place. LTI Neptun Beach  is located on the beachfront in the resort center, works on all-inclusive and has very good reviews. If you are a romantic person then you definitely need to buy a ticket to the stylish  Victoria Palace also located on the first line. The elegant style of the hotel will not leave you indifferent. And if you’re a fan of Thai spa treatments you straight to the hotel Chaika Beach& SPA , which is also located on the first line. If you are going to rest with a big company of friends and prefer apartments and Aparthotel  Royal Sun is a great choice. It is located 500 meters from the beach, has a large area with several pools and all amenities.


Cheap car rental in Bulgaria

Drivers are entitled to drive the vehicle prior approval and authorization of the representative Bulgaria car rentals. Only approved and authorized persons are allowed to drive cars with
The minimum rental time is 24 hours
Hiring for traveling abroad are agreed in advance, preparing the necessary documents.
Upon receiving and transmitting light car is done in the presence of the tenant and the contract signed. When shortages and damages their value from the tenant, except where covered by car insurance. As a guarantee for the protection of car deposit required.

TS Travel is a company that has a large fleet of rental cars. For the convenience of our customers is a priority, so we try to provide them roadworthy vehicles equipped with all extras and documents for comfortable and safe journey.
Car rental in Bulgaria have paid on all automobiles insurance and tolls. They crossed the statutory road worthiness tests and are equipped with appropriate tires for the season. Met all of the requirements for accident-free driving.

We provide a wide range such as a driver, delivery and collection of our cars anywhere in the country, as well as meeting and transporting people with our cars and drivers. We know that in every life emergencies happen, so we provide 24-hour contact to competent officials car hire in Bulgaria, who are ready to help in emergencies and problems.
We provide competitive prices for cars, however, are always open to dialogue and negotiate different options for car rental services. If you need a driver, we have available a team of drivers that are experienced and qualified, drive carefully, avoiding any risk of accidents.
In case you want to travel with rented car Car hire Bulgaria abroad as possible after the completion of all required documents. If you are going on vacation, take advantage of our optional extras and equipment for cars.
Bulgaria car rental offers online booking for the convenience of customers. Hiring a car is after a visit to the customer and contract signing. Give yourself a comfortable ride with cars for hire in Bulgaria! With our cars have no other care than to drive flawless and comply with the rules of the road. Everything else is a concern to hire reliable car in Bulgaria. Have a nice trip!

Why hire a car in Bulgaria

There are many reasons why you should hire a car in Bulgaria, and nevertheless the negatives we will highlight the most important ones . Perhaps because of cheap prices in Bulgaria or for any rumors there are a thousand of citizens which aspired to the services of car rental. Except that, hiring a car is a great convenience to your stay in a city and your mobility inside the country.

If, for one reason you don’t have your own car in Bulgaria, the rental company called TS TRAVEL will give you a rental car without any problems and reservations online. Just come to our office at Burgas airport to negotiate to choose the model and class of car you need.

On your benefit the drivers can deliver vehicles to any point of Bulgaria and the prices and term are subject to negotiate or discus prior to sign the contract. Instead of walking around the miscellaneous of offices in the resorts or search the internet for cheapest cars, just call us and leave everything else to us.

And knowing that makes you feel anxious about the price and comfort in any case for you . At first you will find promotions on car rentals including luxury vehicles from renowned manufacturers. For less than 100 euros you can hire a VW Polo or Nissan, which will impress everyone around you. In addition the visual quality of our vehicles and the fact that all of its have insurances and third party liability form the all the necessary checks and documents as absolute perfect terms.

We care about the safety of the customers, providing 24-hour road assistance, which comes in the total cost of the rented car. And if it is not great advantage , you do not what  flexible deals here give everything to you, as opportunities for maximum useful conditions for any customer of our company.

Basically we tried to describe the reasons for the interest in rental cars, so if you are interested visit the best company for car hire in Bulgaria.

Million Bulgarians affected by the increased tax on old cars

If the coupon the car wrote Euro 3 or Euro 4, the tax will rise by at least 20%, explained the Mayor

Million Bulgarians will be affected by the increase in the tax on old cars. This estimate Georgi Kadiev, MP and member of the budget committee in the studio this morning. It announced that it is preparing an alternative proposal to the Committee, which counteract this financial institution. This will naturally lead citizens of Bulgaria massively looking old car hire in Bulgaria, which will be more profitable for them.

The Deputy Mayor of Sofia, direction \ “Finance and business \” said that nearly 156,000 cars will be able to benefit from lower tax for declared catalyst. Currently Bulgarian companies that provide rental cars are obliged to declare the registration presence of a catalyst in the car. If the coupon the car wrote Euro 3 or Euro 4, the tax will rise by at least 20%, explained Barbalov. In his words, only the new cars eligible to preserve their tax. He added that the bill to jump in taxes became clear only after it appeared on the website of the financial institution, without any kind of communication.

The alternative proposal Kadiev is Dutch model. It includes to eliminate the tax on the car as it is now and enter the price of fuel. The more you drive, the more fuel is used and paid more tax. The total tax revenue as now it parted liters of spent fuel without methane gas, explained the idea Kadiev specifying that such a levy probably will have an impact on inflation and commodity prices. Barbalov said such a tax is usually done in order to finance the construction of roads. Renting a car in Bulgaria customers will pay an additional fee. Any increase in prices for rental cars will have a positive impact on the market.

Kadiev added that illusion idea of ​​higher taxes to stimulate the purchase of new cars. Rather will stimulate buying newer used car, he said and pointed out that instead of 15 years old, people will make 12-year-old cars. Barbalov added that this really is not a way to get people to buy cars.