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By car around Burgas

Latest hit for a holiday in Bulgaria is Bourgas city as an unique destination for your summer vacation. Renovated and modernized with beautiful new terminals at the airport, it gives one of the first places in Eastern Europe. This is one of the advantages that can be taken directly from the terminal. From here you can proceed to the famous resorts of Bulgaria or to stay in the region. No matter what you choose because Bulgaria is a top destination for summer holidays and especially nice for tours with their own car or using a rental car. World famous seaside resorts are located at small distance from Bourgas. The main parts of tourists who pass through the airport of Burgas are directed to the nearby resorts of Sveti Vlas, Primorsko, Sunny Beach and Sozopol.

Sights of the city are always interesting for tourists not only in summer but also in other seasons. An interesting way to travel on Bulgarian south coast by car rental. Independent travel during the holidays is the way chosen by many holidaymakers.

For example, visiting large shopping malls shops is unthinkable without a car. Family vacation requires a lot of luggage and amenities too. Museums in the city are located a few kilometers away and if you want to travel for sure must have rental car in Bourgas or at the airport. Use of GPS is must. There are marked the most remarkable places in the region and the easiest way to reach them. Facility and road maps are sold in every bookstore in town.

The cultural heritage has given various objects which must be visited. The Monument to Russian soldiers, the sculptors in the Sea Garden, museums and churches are outlook of the central part. Only 15 kilometers away is the biggest park of the sea- Otmanli. Surrounded on three sides by the Black Sea, it is an ideal area for walking or riding along the coastal paths by car. It reveals wonderful views of the island of St. Anastasia, Burgas and Sozopol.
If you have the courage to drive to the southern border of Bulgaria, will be amazed by the solitary rocky coves between the resorts and cities. Interesting part is Arkutino, Ropotamo River. If you move the main road carefully look at – the river mouth clearly will see the rock resembling a lion’s head. South follows reserve Perla and Primorsko. Really happy with the rental car rental Bourgas, because there is no other chance to see the beauty of the winding road around Kiten and Tzarevo and shaped fjords and breathtaking views between the bays. The roads are first class; the marking is aligned with European traffic rules, so you will not have any problems, just pleasure.


Variety in search of car rental at Bourgas airport

every customer who travels alone from Western or Eastern Europe in Burgas airport has met wide variety of companies offering car rental. Summer holiday or winter tours of individual tourists are unthinkable without mobility with car. So at the beginning of each holiday in Bulgaria can be used Burgas airport car hire. This proved to be the most convenient and mobile way to independently traveling tourists. Search options or choices are enormous. One of the most used by customer’s way is simply to look at the Google search engine as a phrase or individual words – car hire Bourgas airport.


During the time, which will give any tourist, is not more than half an hour, and you’ll save a lot of nerves and risking inconvenience to rent a car in the late hours of the night or early morning. For these people, having a job or business in Burgas also has a big advantage to hire a car from the airport. Considering that more and more transport in the city is disorder, the choice of self-management provides mobility links and save much time. Naturally, bus transport is cheaper, but waiting at stops is nervous tension and unnecessary waste of time. Basically the city is crowded with buses, but the hours of starting work and at the end of the working day is simply unthinkable for moving time. Especially in the summer when the coastal area and the center has a group of tourists visiting or sightseeing groups from Bulgaria. Another part of tourists who travel with their families, especially if you have children and a lot of luggage is impossible to move or stay in the resorts with regular buses.

car hire burgas airport

Advantage for them bargains companies car rental from the airport with their lucrative offers including free seat or toddler booster for larger. They preferred to hire family kola- estate or minivan. This ensures comfort and amenities for the whole family. If you have customers who intend to travel outside the country with a hired car in Bourgas, this can also is arranged. Some companies with location at the airport or in the city have such an option for a minimal fee.
Mobility and autonomy of tourists who use rental cars in pleasant comfort of modern cars. Most of them have a good stereo sound, GPS systems and on-board computer. There are also possible in a continuous search to include laptop and GSM minimal fee per day. In principle, all cars are equipped with climate control, but still are very cheap rates for car hire in Burgas without air conditioning.