Why hire a car in Bulgaria

There are many reasons why you should hire a car in Bulgaria, and nevertheless the negatives we will highlight the most important ones . Perhaps because of cheap prices in Bulgaria or for any rumors there are a thousand of citizens which aspired to the services of car rental. Except that, hiring a car is a great convenience to your stay in a city and your mobility inside the country.

If, for one reason you don’t have your own car in Bulgaria, the rental company called TS TRAVEL will give you a rental car without any problems and reservations online. Just come to our office at Burgas airport to negotiate to choose the model and class of car you need.

On your benefit the drivers can deliver vehicles to any point of Bulgaria and the prices and term are subject to negotiate or discus prior to sign the contract. Instead of walking around the miscellaneous of offices in the resorts or search the internet for cheapest cars, just call us and leave everything else to us.

And knowing that makes you feel anxious about the price and comfort in any case for you . At first you will find promotions on car rentals including luxury vehicles from renowned manufacturers. For less than 100 euros you can hire a VW Polo or Nissan, which will impress everyone around you. In addition the visual quality of our vehicles and the fact that all of its have insurances and third party liability form the all the necessary checks and documents as absolute perfect terms.

We care about the safety of the customers, providing 24-hour road assistance, which comes in the total cost of the rented car. And if it is not great advantage , you do not what  flexible deals here give everything to you, as opportunities for maximum useful conditions for any customer of our company.

Basically we tried to describe the reasons for the interest in rental cars, so if you are interested visit the best company for car hire in Bulgaria.


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