Million Bulgarians affected by the increased tax on old cars

If the coupon the car wrote Euro 3 or Euro 4, the tax will rise by at least 20%, explained the Mayor

Million Bulgarians will be affected by the increase in the tax on old cars. This estimate Georgi Kadiev, MP and member of the budget committee in the studio this morning. It announced that it is preparing an alternative proposal to the Committee, which counteract this financial institution. This will naturally lead citizens of Bulgaria massively looking old car hire in Bulgaria, which will be more profitable for them.

The Deputy Mayor of Sofia, direction \ “Finance and business \” said that nearly 156,000 cars will be able to benefit from lower tax for declared catalyst. Currently Bulgarian companies that provide rental cars are obliged to declare the registration presence of a catalyst in the car. If the coupon the car wrote Euro 3 or Euro 4, the tax will rise by at least 20%, explained Barbalov. In his words, only the new cars eligible to preserve their tax. He added that the bill to jump in taxes became clear only after it appeared on the website of the financial institution, without any kind of communication.

The alternative proposal Kadiev is Dutch model. It includes to eliminate the tax on the car as it is now and enter the price of fuel. The more you drive, the more fuel is used and paid more tax. The total tax revenue as now it parted liters of spent fuel without methane gas, explained the idea Kadiev specifying that such a levy probably will have an impact on inflation and commodity prices. Barbalov said such a tax is usually done in order to finance the construction of roads. Renting a car in Bulgaria customers will pay an additional fee. Any increase in prices for rental cars will have a positive impact on the market.

Kadiev added that illusion idea of ​​higher taxes to stimulate the purchase of new cars. Rather will stimulate buying newer used car, he said and pointed out that instead of 15 years old, people will make 12-year-old cars. Barbalov added that this really is not a way to get people to buy cars.


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